The Rib Cuts (of Beef)

October 3, 2016

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Let's dive a bit more into the most flavourful cuts of the rib part of the cow. The cuts are coming from the 6th till the 12th rib and has a bold texture with lots of flavour. Best way to cook is medium-rare or above. Below the cuts that come from this part of the animal. Not all, but the most delicious ones:P!






The rib-eye cut is the most familiar of them all. A beautiful juicy and flavourful piece of meat. This part of the cow doesn't do a lot of work nor moves a lot. As a result, the marbling (read fat), the white stuff running through the meat give it its flavours. Give this cut a bit more time to cook, so it can soak up the melted marbling. Medium-rare, medium or even above.


Note: you can come across the name rib steak. This cut is different than the rib-eye, as it has a bone (see a picture below).





Don't let the picture misguide you about the size of this cut, because it's huge. It gives this WOW-factor and you really can show off to your friends and the other guests when this is served on your plate in a restaurant. Basically a rib-eye on a long rib bone. It has lot of flavour, because of the marbling throughout the meat and the flavours of the bone when it's grilled. It is a big piece of meat, weighing around 1.2 kilo, it's heaven for a true carnivore or for sharing.





This is a lesser known cut, but nonetheless even (or even more) delicious than the cuts above. As the name says it already, it's the cap (top) of the rib-eye. As seen in the above picture, you have the bone on the right top, with the rib-eye attached to it. Then you see a strip of marbling on the outside of the rib-eye, with another line of meat on the outer side. That is the gold, the rib-eye cap.



A long strip of meat. The meat has the marbling from the rib-eye for the flavour and the tenderness from a fillet. The cut is a thin piece of meat, so it doesn't take a long time to grill. Dig in!




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