October 24, 2016

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Poke [poh-kay] what? With the latest trend of healthy, quick and global nutritious food comes interesting food concepts.

New kid on the block is Poke. In Hawaiian, Poke means ‘’chunks or small cuts’’. It’s a dish that originates from the Pacific Islands, which are all the small islands in the triangle between the USA, Australia and Japan. Back in the day, fishermen from islands like Hawaii, Tahiti & Fiji, seasoned the left-overs from the daily catch, and a nutritious, simple and healthy food dish was created.

Poke is a raw fish or seafood salad that is usually served with fresh add-ons, like avocado, edamame, or cucumbers and seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, wasabi or even seaweed. As you can see, it has strong influences from the Japanese cuisine. It will often be accompanied with rice, leafy greens, or other grains.


On restaurant menus you can find terms like; Aku which is made from Tuna, He’e from Octupus and Ahi Poke is mostly made from the Yellowfin Tuna.

The spread of the poke dish started when Hawaiian people moved and settled on the west coast of the USA, California to be precise. From there it became more popular across the USA, where now it travelled across tTe Pond to the UK. Due to the growing demand of fresh, healthy and nutritious global food it´s likely that Poke is about to stay.

Have a look around you, do you see any poke or healthy food concepts popping up in the streets of London or in your town?

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