The Rump Cuts (of Beef)

November 21, 2016

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Next in the beef cuts, are the Rump cuts. The cuts are coming from the back (yes, the ASS) of the animal. As this part is constantly moving it’s leaner & has less marbling than a Rib-Eye & is less tender than a Fillet.



A tender steak with not much marbling. Recognizable by the pure red meat with almost no marbling on the outside or between the muscles. If there are some marbling tissues on the outside, trim it. As it's lean & doesn’t contain lots of marbling, the Rump cut can dry out quickly when grilling. Sear it, and grill it only for a couple of minutes. Then to rest. Medium-Rare & above.




This cut looks like a Sirloin, but with less flavour. Situated on the outside, just under the skin of the back of the animal, it has a stroke of marbling on the outside. The Picanha is a nice combination of tenderness & flavour, & is a well-known cut in Brazil, wherein restaurants they grill it in one piece on a skewer & slice it at the table. Just a bit of salt is enough, & cook it Medium-Rare or above.



This tender & lean cut comes from the inside of the back thigh of the animal. It’s a thin piece of meat that’s ready in less than a minute (hence the name). The shorter the cooking time, the more tender the result. Most of the time it's sliced & used into (noodle) soups.


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