Other Cuts (of Beef)

January 16, 2017

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Previously we covered the more known Rib, Loin & Rump cuts, but the following cuts are slowly but surely crawling on the menus of restaurants. Flavourful, lean & not so pricey cuts is the way forward!



The Flat Iron cut comes from the shoulder of the animal.  The whole cut contains a lot of marbling, which is removed at the butcher or at the restaurant (if it comes in one whole piece), with as end result a flat a rectangular piece of meat. It’s a flavorful & tender piece that doesn’t break the bank. A very versatile cut too, which is used on sandwiches, broths and grilled up to Medium-Rare.



The Flank cut comes from lower belly of the animal. A long fairly lean & flat cut, it is used in many different ways including broths like the Flat Iron cut. It can be grilled, pan-fried, broiled, or braised to increase the tenderness. As it’s a well-exercised and full of flavor cut of the animal, it contains lots of fibers which you see running through the meat. As the grain is quite though to cut, slice your steak against the grain to maximise it’s tenderness. Order up to Medium-Rare.



The Skirt cut comes from the middle belly part of the animal. It’s comparable with the Flank, as it’s also lean & contains a lot of fibers. The difference is that the Skirt has even more flavour & more fibers than the Flank. This is also a cut that can be used in many different ways, if grilled, only grill it up to Medium Rare.


With both the Flank & the Skirt cuts, slicing against the fibers is the most important thing to remember. The long strains of fibers that you can see running through the meat are quite though to chew on, so cutting against them not only makes the meat more tender, it’s also easier to chew!

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