Tasting Wine: the Nose

February 8, 2017

2 minutes read


The next step in the systematic approach of tasting wine is the Nose. If you swirl the wine in the glass, the wine will catch oxygen that releases the aromas. How is the condition of the wine? Do you smell anything ‘’weird’’? If so, a common fault is that it’s cork taint & that you smell an unpleasant pungent musty smell.



You can also smell toffee, sherry, or other oxidative aromas like caramel or vinegar in the wine. Often the wine is then ‘’Out-of-Condition’’ or ‘’Off’’ & you can move it to the side straight away. However, these aromas don’t always have to mean that the wine is ‘’Off’’. Port & Sherry often smell like this.


If the wine is ‘’clean’’, how intense is the smell? Can you smell the aromas easily & are they pronounced or do you really have to stick your nose into the glass?



After analysing the condition & intensity of the wine, the flavours of the aromas come into play. Which flavours can you recognize when you sniff? The flavours that you can smell in a wine are categorised into an extent. These are; fruits, flowers, spices, vegetables & oak aromas.



The most important thing to remember is that you describe a wine to a friend. Be precise, but name flavours that everyone is familiar with. Don’t come up with ‘’the back of my car’’!

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