Tasting Wine: Conclusion

February 22, 2017

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Now that you have described the wine based on the appearance, nose & palate, you can now say if it’s a poor, good or outstanding wine.

In order to make a conclusion about the wine, use the BLIC method. BLIC stands for Balance, Length (finish), Intensity & Complexity.


It’s basically a scorecard whereby you give a +, = or -, which then result in a quality score ranging from: faulty, poor, acceptable, good, very good or outstanding.



Balance is about…well balance in the wine. Look for the balance between sweet & fruity with acidity & tannins. Too much of one or another can make the wine taste lame (too much sweetness & fruitiness) or bitter/astringent (tannins & acidity).


The Length in the wine is basically the finish. How much of those aromas will stay floating around in your mouth for some time after you swallowed or spat out the wine? A good couple of seconds may indicate a quality wine.



The Intensity in a wine has already been described in the Appearance & Nose steps. Here, clean intense & pronounced flavours may indicate a quality wine, but don’t fool yourself as bold intensity can overpower the balance in the wine.


Complexity in wine reflects quality, with many different flavours all dancing with each other in your mouth. Lesser quality wines have only one or two main flavours. The more, the better is what to say.


After you give gave each of them a score, analyse them & conclude. For example, after tasting a wine, it has the following scorecard:


Balance: +          Length: =            Intensity: +         Complexity: -


This wine is good in balance, has a medium finish, with pronounced intensity, but no complexity. The conclusion will be a GOOD wine. If the length was a bit longer, I would score it a VERY GOOD.


When systematically tasting wine following the same steps each & every time, you will be capable of unravelling the complex world of wine & describing it to someone who doesn’t have a clue. It’s a fun & explorative way where you will be surprised of what you can ‘’find’’ in a wine. Keep it simple & understandable for everyone, you might be to pick the wine for upcoming Christmas dinner.

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