Free Infographic: Tasting Wine, the simple way

February 27, 2017

1 minute read


(Almost) everyone likes a good glass of wine so now & then. Remember that delicious glass or red in that restaurant you had last time? Or that white at that birthday party?


To get to know yourself a bit better and finding out what kind of wine you like, you can use the ''systematically approach of tasting wine''. Used from the very best '''Robert Parker's'' in this world, to your neighbourhood wine shop, THIS IS the way they decrypt the many wines they taste.


You can use this simple 4-step way of describing a wine for your own advantage. You will learn what you like, don't like, and use this next time you're in your local wine store looking for a good glass of wine for the Saturday evening.


See below or DOWNLOAD & PRINT HERE for a reference next time you drink wine.


More about the 4 steps click here: Appearance, Nose, Palate & Conclusion.




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