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March 13, 2017

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I've created a tasting mat (plus a simple 4-step way Tasting Wine Infographic) for you to use while tasting wine. Not just drink it, but taste it.


Use the Tasting Mat together with the Tasting Wine Infographic at your own disposal. It's a fun way of discovering which criteria makes up your personal favourite & next time you're at your local wine shop or restaurant, you even can explain your preferences to the Sommelier so you then can find that great wine for that special evening together!


The Tasting Mat is simple to use. ..


First, decide what kind of wine you want to try. 3 different reds, 3 different white, it's your choice. Take the wines + ISO preferred tasting glasses (look-a-like glasses are fine too, as long as you can capture the aromas).


Write down the first bit of information: name, vintage, country, grape etc. This information could give you some clues about how the wine will taste.


Then pour the wines. 1/2-ish is enough, just enough for you to swirl the wine. Best is to start with the lightest wine, ending with the heavier one, as the heavier ones might overpower the lighter ones, resulting in that you can't fully experience those ones.


Then taste! Use the 4-step way from the Tasting Wine Infographic, using Appearance, Nose, Palate & Conclusion to break it down.


Ones finished with the 1st, continue with the 2nd & 3rd.


When you tasted & objectively concluded all 3 the wines, it might give you a direction which characteristics you fancy in a wine. Is it high acidity? Full-bodied wines? Or more sweet & fruity flavours?


See below or DOWNLOAD & PRINT HERE for to use next time you drink wine.






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