April 3, 2017

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Pasta is a simple, but versatile product which can be used in different ways. Simple, as it only consists of 3 ingredients: salt, flour & eggs + you can even make it at home (without being in the kitchen all day).



There are many different types of pasta. Long, short, round, square, even stuffed ones. Below the most common types you might be familiar with.




A long, thin string kind of pasta. Comes from the Italian word Spaghetto, which means string. Often served with a sauce, meat & Parmesan cheese.







A round, belly-button kind of pasta. Stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables, its often served in a broth.







A short, cylinder-shape & hollow type of pasta. Comes from the English word for pen (the one you write with). There are 2 types, the smoother version & the tougher one (with ridges). Served with heavier sauces, as the holes can hold sauces.









A long flat strip of pasta. Comes from the Italian word Tagliare, which means to cut. Delicious with light, creamy sauces.











The curled shape type of pasta. The name comes from Fuso, to spindle. The curls holds heavier meat sauces very well.










A bow-tie shape type of pasta. Comes from the Italian word Farfalla, which means butterfly. Creamy sauces with small pieces of meat or vegs goes well it.










A flat oval-shape of pasta. From the Italian word Lingue, which means tongue. Creamy & meaty sauces goes ver well with this type of pasta.








Often a square shaped type of pasta. It’s stuffed with either meat, cheese and/or vegetables. Goes well with sauces or in a broth.


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