Riesling [Reece-ling]

April 17, 2017

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Riesling is a grape that’s full of flavours & aromas. A very aromatic wine, you will smell that as soon as you put your nose above the glass.

The grape Riesling develops sugars & retains its acidity very well. With a bit more of a touch to the sweet side, but nicely in balance, this wine represents the region where its grown very well. Due to the nice balance between the sugars & acidity its even a wine well worth aging. Don’t be (pleasantly) surprised when you find a couple of years old Riesling for a decent price.



Riesling originates from Germany, close to the border with France to be precise. nowadays IT´S a grape grown in the more cooler regions of Alsace, France, Australia, New-Zealand, USA & Canada.


As said, Riesling grows in cooler to moderate climates. Grapes grown in the cooler climates generally have green fruit flavours like apple & grapes. Moderate climates reflects flavours of peach & lime.



Riesling loves the Autumn too. The warm Autumn conditions is great for late harvest Riesling, whereby Noble Rot creates sweet wines with a high concentration of sugars & acidity. These wines ages very well & are having flavours of stone & tropical fruits like peach, apricot, pineapple & mango. The older ones develop flavours of honey & toast.


The labelling in Germany for Riesling wines has its own particular way. Riesling wines from Germany are categorized in 2 main categories based on quality: Oualitatswein & Pradikatswein. The latter has 6 sub-categories based on the sugar levels in the wine: Kabinett, Spatlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese & Eiswein. The first 3 are dry, the last 3 are sweet. The wines are not ranked in quality, the only difference are the flavours the wine develops.


The name Riesling (Reece-ling) can be found in other grape names too, but are definitely not family nor taste the same. Other grape names are Welschriesling, Laski Rizling or Olaszrizling, mainly all grapes produced in Eastern Europe.


The aromatic Riesling grape is not often blended, as it’s a delicious wine on its own already. Although, in Australia you can find Riesling blended with Gewurztraminer, creating an off-dry fruity wine.


As Riesling has a good concentration of sugars & acidity, it goes well with spicy food. Think Indian & Asian dishes to soften the spices, making the palate more mellow. Also duck, pork & the less smelly & delicate cheeses & dried fruits are a perfect match!


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