The Storage & Service of Wine

May 22, 2017

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The right storage & service of wine is of very importance. As wine is an ´´alive´´ thing, its influenced by loads of external factors; temperature, light, air, even the cork can all have an influence on the wine. With a bit of common sense (& a small investment) wine can be enjoyed the right way.



If a wine is stored the wrong way, factors can make the wine become faulty. Wines are kept best at room temperature, between 10C-15C, in a dark place. Colder or warmer can affect the wine negatively. Keeping your bottle of wine in the kitchen or close to a heater, the wine can become blunt, due to the fluctuations in temperature.



If you’re going to keep your bottle of wine for longer, it’s handy to store it on its side. In this way, the cork will stay wet & does his job protecting it for large amounts of air coming into the bottle, oxidizing the wine. If it’s a screwcap, you can store the wine standing up.


Don’t keep your wine exposed to natural or artificial light neither. The light will warm-up the wine, making it old & not taste fresh. Also keep your bottles of wine away from any (unexpected) vibrations, but keep it rather harmonious & undisturbed.



If you’re ready to open the bottle, it might be wise to get the wine to the right temperature. If reds are too cold, the flavours aren’t at their best, making it taste thin & harsh. With white, don’t put it in the fridge for too long, as the cork might dry out. Up to 3 hours is enough. On the right table with some guidelines.



The right glass for the right wine is from importance too, or else the characteristics of the wine can’t be enjoyed fully. Reds in big, larger tulip-like glasses to let the air touch as much of the red wine surface, releasing its aromas. Whites is smaller tulip-like glasses to keep its fresh- & fruitiness together. Sparkling in the small & tall flutes, perfect for the bubbles to take in all the aromas while travelling up to the surface. Fortified wines like Port are served in small tulip-shaped glasses to highlight the fruit characteristics rather than the alcohol.



Wines with a deposit, caused by natural aging of good red wines in bottle, needs to be decanted. When decanting the wine, it comes in contact with air & ‘’opens up’’, releasing & enhancing its lovely aromas & flavours.



Oh, and as a last side note; opening a bottle of wine some time before to ‘’open up’’ doesn’t make any sense, as too little of the wine gets in contact with air.

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