Light Red Wines that you want to drink this Summer

August 2, 2017

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With the summer full-on, people enjoying their time on the terraces in own country or abroad. Often accompanied with an (alcoholic) beverage, rosé & white wines are on top of that list.


But what about the reds? Don’t those sell anymore during the summer months? Think again…


There are light bodied & pale coloured red wines that are perfect to sip from when sitting on that terrace. Below, 3 grape varieties to look for when you want to be different this summer!




Originally from Spain, where it has the name Garnacha, this grape has lovely red fruit flavours like strawberries & cranberries. The hint of spice such as white pepper won’t let you drowse away in the summer sun! Grenache loves a hot climate, so South-Rhone & Languedoc-Roussillon, France, Italy, Australia & USA, whereby the last two produce more fruit-forward version, are perfect! Other names for Grenache is Garnacha (Spain), Alicante (France) & Cannonau (Italy). As it is such a light grape, Grenache is often used in blends. The GSM (Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre) blend in France is a popular one. Also, Tempranillo is often blended with Garnacha in Spain with Shiraz in Australia & USA. With food, Grenache pairs well with less spicy Asian cuisine, roasted meats, game & slow cooked meat stews.


Burgundy, France is the place Pinot Noir originates from. It has flavours of red fruit & black berries like strawberries, cherries & blackcurrant with some earthy notes too. Pinot Noir loves a cool to moderate climate. Besides Burgundy, Pinot Noir can be found in the cooler regions of USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Italy & South Africa. In Germany Pinot Noir is called Spätburgunder, Blauburgunder in Austria & Pinot Nero in Italy. Food wise, Pinot Noir pairs well with salmon, but also is a perfect partner with white meat like chicken or duck.


Gamay is a light body red wine with red fruit & spice flavours. It loves moderate climates. Beaujolais, just south of Burgundy in France is where it originates from. It’s a wine that needs to be drunk young & can even be lightly chilled! Chilled? YES, lightly chilled around 13C. Gamay is a great with chicken, turkey or pork. Meaty stews will go well too or even a charcuterie with fatty cured meats.


So, when next time on the terrace or when friends are coming over for a BBQ, try something else! Trust me, they won't let you down.


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