Old World vs. New World Pinot Noir

September 25, 2017

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Pinot Noir is one of the light-bodied wines in the wine family. Although this fact, it’s also one of the hardest grapes to produce, as it has a very thin skin that makes her sensitive to insects & diseases.



Pinot Noir can be described as a wine that has light tannins, medium-high acidity levels & red fruits flavours. It originates from Burgundy, France, but is produced across the world too; USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina & South Africa. The cooler-moderate climates of these countries that is, as Pinot love to stay cool!


It is also a grape that can truly reflect the reflection of the place where they’re grown. Characteristics of the soil, climate & terroir so to speak, can be found back when drinking the wine (although you should have had some different style Pinots to recognize this!).

To give you a hand to get started, below some differences between Pinot Noir wines from the Old world (Europe) & the New world (rest of the world).



Old world Pinot Noirs will have a lighter colour than New world Pinot Noirs. This is mainly because traditional winemaking, originates from these Old world wine countries. They still want to do things in a more ‘’traditional’’ way. Also, the (micro)-climates, type of land & wine making practises have loads of influence on the end result.


Besides colour, the taste of Old world Pinots will  result in being more earthy, with more flavours of mushrooms & wet leaves, less fruit & higher in acidity. New world Pinots are more fruity, less acidity & higher in alcohol.


Now above is not a rule of thumb, as the wine maker has got control of what kind of wine he wants to make. Nonetheless, the countries in the Old world will have a lot more rules & regulations to live by than the New world countries.


As last, please see MY VIVINO account for some Pinot Noir wines I’ve tasted over te course of time, from both worlds.


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