Gewurztraminer, the noble one

October 11, 2017

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The Gewurztraminer grape is one of the 18 noble grapes where sweet wine is made from. It’s recognized by its light pink colour skin.


Gewurztraminer originates from the Alsace, France, but is now produced mainly in the Alps countries; Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy & eastern Europe countries like Hungary. Because it loves a cool climate, the cooler parts of USA & New Zealand are making wines from Gewurztraminer too.


The flavours what you get from a Gewurztraminer are very aromatic. It’s a high in alcohol wine with low acidity, that result in a taste of sweetness that the wine actually is. Lychee, rose petal, grapefruit, apricot, ginger & a bit of smokiness are aromas what you could get.



There are no other names for Gewurztraminer. Top Alsatian ones are often called ‘’Vendanges Tardives’’, representing the best of the best.


As Gewurztraminer is very floral & aromatic, it pairs well with food from India & Middle Eastern countries, as you often find the use of nuts & dried fruits in these cuisines. White meats, big flavour spices like ginger, clove & cinnamon, sweet roasted vegs, like coconut, dried fruits or red onion & soft cow cheese do well too.

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